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hard vs soft Aspirin

With high amounts of dissolved calcium and magnesium in it, water from Las Vegas definitely needs to be softened. Don't worry — Serv-All Water Conditioning can help. With years of experience and many dependable systems on hand, we'll have your water softened in no time.

With a huge range in the quality of water softeners on the market today, it's important to avoid the cheap, disposable types and the over-priced systems.


Work with our experts to find the reliable water softener system that best fits your needs.

Use the best water softeners

  • Laundry — use up to 50% less soap!

  • Water heaters — reduce energy usage up to 57%!

  • Showerheads — hard water can lead to up to 75% reduction in flow rate

  • Plumbing — avoid obstructions caused by buildup

Water softener benefits:

Every gallon of uncleansed Las Vegas water has the equivalent of 3 - 4 of dissolved aspirin-sized rocks in it. That means your body and kidneys have to work harder to filter it out.

Would you eat 3 - 4 aspirin-sized rocks every day?

Dealing with Las Vegas water

Call us today and learn which water softener is right for your home or business: