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Las Vegas water

For all the wonders of Las Vegas, the water is bad for drinking, causes problems with cleaning, and damages appliances. With a water softening system from Serv-All Water Conditioning, you can avoid the irksome particle buildup and potential long-term health issues related to the use of hard water.

As reported by AOL Daily Finance, Las Vegas and North Las Vegas are listed 3rd in their list of American cities with the worst drink water. Unfortunately, no single pollutant it at a level that would require local government to step in — getting clean water is up to you!

Third worst water in the nation

  • Water is not cleaned

  • 30 different pollutants

  • 12 pollutants exceed the guidelines set by the EPA

  • Chemicals including arsenic, lead, and radium

Las Vegas water


Since the extra particles are not removed by a cleaning method such as running the water over limestone, they can accumulate in your body, in your appliances, and in your bathroom fixtures.

The problem with hard water

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