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By servallwat19577137, Nov 1 2017 07:53PM

Everyone please have a safe and happy fall season.

By servallwat19577137, Aug 4 2016 07:26PM

Only a few weeks left of summer vacation for the kiddos. We have internet specials going on for new equipment and a special on filter changes on your reverse osmosis system. Try to get this stuff done before the crazy schedule starts with the kids.

By servallwat19577137, May 10 2016 10:19PM

Weather is starting to warm up and kids are almost out of school. Make sure you remember to change out your Reverse Osmosis filters before all the BBQ's at your home. No one wants to drink dirty water.

By servallwat19577137, Apr 14 2016 11:32PM

There are alot of people selling systems out there that promise the world. Be careful when buying a new system. Make sure you do your research on all systems and the company. Alot of people have been fooled by plumbers or door to door sales people to buy a whole house water conditioners (no salt systems). They promise they will soften the water and you will have no hard water spots. I am sorry to say that is not true. Please do not waste your hard earned money on those types of units. If any plumber tells you that water softeners will be banned soon, They are miss informed. Our water is just to hard here not to have a softener. I have attached a picture that shows you how we rank on the hard water scale. The number we have pulled lately on hardness levels are between 18-24. Hope this help with your research. :)

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